Just Touch Him

Luke 8:43-48

When Jesus asked who touched me, I believe the woman thought Jesus would be mad with her for touching Him without His permission, and even perhaps because she was unclean and really should not have been touching anyone. But, you know what, I just love Jesus’ response. It’s like He said no worries, I ain’t mad at you; you go, girl. Somebody around here has finally figured it out.  If people were really touching Me we’d see more healing, we’d see more deliverance, we’d see more miracles. If someone would just touch Me with their faith I will show you great and mighty things. Jesus pretty much told the woman congratulations, your faith has made you whole.

Friends, Jesus is not hard to reach, He’s right here, right in your midst. What prevents you from saying like the woman of our text, if my faith could but touch just the border of His heart then I know, that I know, that I know,  my healing will be for sure.  I’ve tried everything else, now what prevents me from trying my God.  Friends, it’s time to make that decision to truly touch God today.  We can no longer be like the rest of the crowd, just there in Jesus’ midst even rubbing up against him, but never receiving the promises.  It’s time, like never before, to just touch Him.

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