Lover’s Lane

Lover’s Lane is a place where couples go to get together to spend time alone. It’s a place where they can steal away in the captivating presence of each other. No one else is allowed to enter, it’s a secret place. To the bride of Christ, the wife of One who refuses to share, One who is jealous for his bride’s time love and attention, He invites you to spend some time in the presence of Love Himself. Friends, God is Love and therefore everything about Him is love.

As we give big hearts of chocolates to our loved ones, don’t forget to give God your big red heart, filled with sweet nuggets of love, hugs and kisses. And He too will reciprocate and give you back a heart; a completely new heart, after first cleansing and washing it as white as snow. As we often give cards reciting the sentiments of our love to our loved ones, don’t forget to present to Him praises reciting the sentiments of your heart, your love and adoration for Him, your gratefulness and appreciativeness for all that He is, and for all that He has done for you in the finished worked at the cross of Calvary. Let Him know that He is great and greatly to be praised. Let Him know that there is no one above Him, beside Him, or can even stand in comparison. Let Him know that He is God of all gods, Lord of all lords and King of all kings. Sing love songs, love melodies, poetic psalms and hymns to the One whose name is above every name, to the One who paid the price for your sins and purchased your redemption with His very own blood. Whisper sweet “somethings” into His ear letting Him know how much you need and rely on Him. Say to the bishop and lover of your soul that I am nothing without You and can do nothing apart from You. Say to Him, I love you Jesus, I am Yours and You are mine and I thank you for a love so real, so complete, and so endless even unto eternity.


Pastor Aldridge

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