Called To Be Just Like God


God is calling us to be just like Him.  He is a Giver, and not only does He give, but He Gives His Best. He sent Jesus to be born on this earth, to ransom the whole human race from eternal damnation and destruction because of sin. Continue reading

Look At Us

Acts 3:1-5

The Bible says that when the lame man saw Peter and John about to go into the temple, he asked alms of them. And Peter’s response was “look at us”. Friends, as children of God, as possessors of a life giving Word of hope and truth, we too should have a “look at us” response. You see, some people get so accustomed to the routine that they don’t even pay attention to the people to whom they are dealing with on a daily basis. But if we are walking in the things of God, we should be able to say look at us. Continue reading

Just Touch Him

Luke 8:43-48

When Jesus asked who touched me, I believe the woman thought Jesus would be mad with her for touching Him without His permission, and even perhaps because she was unclean and really should not have been touching anyone. But, you know what, I just love Jesus’ response. It’s like He said no worries, I ain’t mad at you; you go, girl. Somebody around here has finally figured it out.  If people were really touching Me we’d see more healing, we’d see more deliverance, we’d see more miracles. Continue reading