Accepted in the Beloved

The text of Romans 5:1-6 begins with the term justified.  To be justified means to be proven, to be accepted.  Have you ever heard of a person who has done something wrong try to justify their wrong behavior, or in essence make their bad behavior acceptable. It appears, therefore, that this text basically deals with the notion of acceptance or being accepted.

Friends, I find myself amazed at the great lengths that people will go and with what people will do to become accepted, even sometimes to the extent of becoming annoying, overly dramatic, overly compensating, or even being over or underdressed.  What causes a person to go to such great measures to be seen or accepted? One would only need to watch TV to see some of the most insecure, unhappy, dejected, disheartened and demoralized behavior.  I believe people, most often, behave this way all for the thought of being accepted by others.  I say all for the thought because it is all in the mind of what people think and believe. Everybody’s chasing after a thought.  What do others think of me?  Do they accept me or reject me.  Most people just want to be accepted for who they are. Continue reading