A Fresh Start

“And it repented the LORD that He had made man on the earth, and it grieved Him at His heart.” (Genesis 6:6)

The New Living Translation says– so the Lord was sorry He had ever made them and put them on the earth. It broke His heart.

Friends, if God suffered a broken heart, think it not strange that those who follow this God, the one who is the Word, who was in the beginning with God and was God, even our Lord Jesus Christ may surely suffer a broken heart. There is nothing that you can possibly endure that God has not experienced first-hand. When God’s heart got broken, change occurred. When our hearts get broken change occurs. Our whole world sometimes gets turned upside down. A divorce, a cupid relationship breakup, the death of a loved one, betrayal, abandonment or rejection – all can cause a life to dramatically change. The initial change may be one of shock, bewilderment, depression, or even anger. Whatever the case, it is unhealthy for us to stay in this negative state. God looked for the positive and found it in Noah.

When we look for the positive in a situation we open ourselves up to new ways of improving our situation and our life. When we look for the positive in a situation, we move into position to anticipate happiness, good health and success. When God knew that He no longer wanted to strive with humans, He invoked a positive search for someone that was righteous and therein changed a situation of utter despair and destruction into a situation of reposition and redirection. God would no longer wipe clean every living thing from the earth. He would just reposition Noah for a fresh start in life. I have noticed that those who experience a great heart break often are repositioned for a great and positive change. Whatever caused the broken heart, my friends, was not meant to take you out, or for you to stay there and wallow in it. It is not for your defeat, but rather like Noah for your victory, and for the new world that God will cause you to inhabit and to become fruitful and multiply.

Unfortunately, I know of many people who refuse to follow our Lord and look for the positive or the righteous in their situation, but have chosen to remain broken and defeated. Some have even died of a broken heart, refusing to seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness so that healing, deliverance and a new praise might arise.

If this message describes your situation, you are alive today and therefore have survived yet another day of the pain of a broken heart. Decide now that you will no longer contend with the life of defeat, a life ruled by the defeated attitude of a victim. In essence, look for God’s way of thinking, doing and being. Choose the ways of righteousness, and look to the Word for instructions on how to build an ark of safety to hide in the presence, care and protection of Jesus. He came to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised. Allow Him to heal your broken heart, wipe the slate clean and reposition you for a fresh start, a life of fulfillment of His purpose and plan for you.